About Us

Us at the Lions rugby game in Melbourne Us at the Lions rugby game in Melbourne

Our journey began when we first met on 29th June 2013; in the Etihad stadium, Melbourne Australia. The Etihad holds 53,359 people and fate was kind enough to plonk us on seats right next to each other as we watched The Lions (get defeated, but thats not the point) during their second Australian test.

13 countries, 32 cities and countless coffee dates later we made our dreams come true and opened the doors to our very own Brunch Bar 'The Hangout Llandeilo' on 1st July 2016.

The days between those two very important dates we spent exploring the world, navigated mainly by our love of food and coffee. Whilst in the southern hemisphere it was all about brunch on the back lanes, searching out the quirkiest Andetopian coffee shops we could find.

In Asia it was all about the street (and floating!) food Markets, A sleepy market lady A sleepy market lady the tastes, the smells, the mountains of fresh produce available. All of it blew our minds and our tastebuds. In Fiji we discovered the pacific Lovo, an under earth oven that would seal in flavours of coconut to the fish we had caught that very morning.Exploring the world one mouthful at a time were the best 1098 days of our lives to date.

Us going to the cooking class Us going to the cooking class The realisation that our past times of sipping on coffee cups, hanging out in cafes & cultivating culinary creations could develop into a career hit whilst we were walking around a coffee plantation in Ubud, Bali. From the hand roasting to the cupping process, it was all just so intriguing and from that moment on we were hooked. The Dream of owning our very own cafe was realised and it was time to turn that dream into a reality.

So here we now find ourselves in the picturesque, quirky little market town of Llandeilo in the heart of west Wales. The town where Lee grew up and went to school and a town that we believe in. That is why we prioritise a "seed to plate" approach with every dish we serve. Meaning any elements we can make, bake, cook or create in house we will aim to do so using the best locally sourced ingredients.